What People Are Saying About Elevate…

Before I started at Elevate, I couldn’t even lift my 3 year old... Since starting here just over 8 weeks ago I am able to run with him, pick him up, lift him into the air, and just be with him anytime and play with him. It’s more amazing than I can ever express to anybody. No matter what happens in your life (surgery, injury) you CAN come back from it!
— JK, Patient
I felt a change almost immediately!
— BW, Patient
My favorite thing about coming here is... Just coming here! I love the atmosphere, the exercises, how hard I get to work here and the sense of accomplishment I feel when I leave.
— JK, Patient
I have NO PAIN from sitting at work anymore. I have more energy and learned we lose balance and strength over time but you can set it back with exercise. (Elevate) has also helped me lower my blood sugar and with my breathing. Feeling better makes your outlook better!
— JE, patient
In 2 weeks I was moving better and with more ease!”
— Anonymous Patient
Elevate has helped me by teaching me to move & lift correctly, reducing my pain & giving me better stamina.
— BW, Patient
I’ve lost 40+ lbs. and feel 15 years younger!
— Jerry, Member
With a group it is more fun and it is easier to keep going than doing it at home.
— Judy, Member
I have more energy, feel stronger, sleep better & more soundly. I’m more productive at work with better stamina.
— Anonymous Patient
Rhianna is a professional! She’s a Doctor of Physical Therapy. It’s like getting a personal trainer at the HIGHEST LEVEL. Worth EVERY penny!
— Anonymous Patient
I’ve gotten better balance, stronger muscles, and lost weight!
— Rhonda, Patient
I feel better and my health has improved. My blood pressure, blood sugars, and breathing have improved. It is hard to understand until you do it!
— Judy, Patient