Individual & Small Group Training


Don’t love bigger group workouts? Or, do you have a small group of friends that would like a program designed and taught just for YOU? We offer private and small group training sessions that are specifically designed around YOUR goals! Whether it is exercising for the first time, being able to play with your grandkids, losing weight, training for your first 5k, or looking to supplement your running program with strength training, we want to help you achieve what drives YOUR passion.

Movement Screens

Movement Screens will help identify if traditional physical therapy is best for you or individual training to modify your movement technique will improve your performance. Much like a bi-annual or yearly checkup with your physician or dentist, these movement screens can identify techniques that may be contributing to your pain, or identify them before they cause you pain. Examples of who these screens are ideal for:

  • An athlete wanting to improve performance

  • A baseball pitcher with shoulder pain when pitching

  • A weight lifter having pain with a specific movement or lift

  • A runner who is having pain at a certain mile in their run

  • An office worker having neck, shoulder or wrist pain when they are at their desk

  • A dancer with ankle pain during certain movement

Movement screens will last 30 minutes. They can be generalized or specific to one body part. No manual treatment will be provided. You will receive a plan of care, exercise prescription, and recommendations for individual training, physical therapy or other treatment if needed.

$75 per screen

Individual Training

Single Session: $60/session
Packages: FREE Movement Screen & T-Shirt Included with 10 & 20 session packages!
5 Sessions: $50/session
10 Sessions: $45/session
20 Sessions: $40/session

Private Group Training

2-3 People: $40/session per person
4 People: $30/session per person
5-10 People: $20/session per person

*Payment plans available upon request.