What is Therapeutic Exercise?

At Elevate Performance, we believe Movement Is Medicine!!

Therapeutic exercise includes specific movements that are thoughtfully prescribed in a safe and beneficial progression for a desired outcome. As Doctors of Physical Therapy & Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists, we are highly qualified to provide you with an exercise prescription to improve strength, speed, and quality of your movement to decrease muscle imbalances and pain. Exercise is vital for long-lasting results and a healthy lifestyle. We use specific exercises hand-in-hand with manual therapy to improve your quality of life.

We will provide you with a home exercise prescription and ensure that you are confident in how to perform these exercises to help you reach your goals. We value your time and money! We will not ask you to simply run through your home program at your Physical Therapy sessions. Our treatment sessions will focus on facilitation of correct exercise technique and progression of your home program. We ask that you are responsible for completing these programs on your own in order to provide the best value and benefit. 

You Said Exercise is a Prescription?

Yes! That's right! As Doctors of Physical Therapy and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists, we have extensive training in the proper progression of load, frequency, intensity, and duration for a variety of conditions. Exercise IS good for everyone, but the SAME exercise is not good for everyone. You are unique and your exercise prescription should be, too! We will provide you with a program that is directly applicable to what YOU want to be able to do! Just having less pain or performing a certain exercise is NOT good enough! Your Performance means being able to participate fully in the activities you love and we want to help you achieve that!

Elevate has helped me by teaching me to move & lift correctly, reducing my pain & giving me better stamina.
— BW, Patient