Private & Small Group Sports Performance

Whether your goal is earning an athletic scholarship, improving a personal record, or preventing injuries from happening to keep you in the game, we want to help you achieve what drives YOUR passion. We offer individual and small group sports performance programs in the Black Hills area that are specifically designed specifically for YOU!

Sports Performance Training will improve strength, speed, agility, and jumping ability to help improve your success in your sport. All Sports Performance Training incorporates injury prevention programming to reduce risk of injury on a sport specific basis. Sport specific team programs available upon request! Please contact us to develop a program to help you reach your goals!

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Youth Athlete Boot Camp
Tuesday/Thursday 5:45-6:45pm

Open to Boys & Girls grades 6-12, this Boot Camp will focus on Speed, Agility, and Jump Training to improve Sports Performance and keep the athletes healthy on and off the field. We emphasize appropriate movement patterns and exercise technique for injury prevention and to provide a solid foundation for future athletic development. Jumping & Landing Video Movement Analysis included! Training will consist of: Upper & Lower Body Plyometric Training, Low Load Resistance Training, Acceleration & Deceleration Training, Agility Ladder & Cone Drills, Core Stability, and Mobility Drills. Periodic performance testing will be performed to assess progress.

10% Multi-Athlete Discount! Call to register multiple athletes or for a monthly auto-withdrawal payment plan.
Held September-May

from 125.00
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Individual Sports Performance Training

Fitness Screen: $75
Single Session: $60/session
Packages: FREE Fitness Screen & T-Shirt included with 10 & 20 session packages!
5 Sessions: $50/session
10 Sessions: $45/session
20 Sessions: $40/session


Group & Team Sports Performance Training

Fitness Screen: $75 per person
2-3 People: $40/session per person
4 People: $30/session per person
5-10 People: $20/session per person

*Payment plans available upon request.


COACHES: We also provide Team-Specific Injury Prevention & Athletic Enhancement Programs to incorporate into your normal practices! Contact Us for more info!