What is Manual Therapy?

At Elevate Performance, we believe a hands-on approach to injury recovery and muscular re-education is critical for the best possible outcomes. We use manual techniques to improve mobility in restricted joints, scars, soft tissue, or skeletal muscle, facilitate movement, and decrease pain. Many people find immediate relief from their symptoms with skilled manual therapy, which is focused on treating the source of their problems and not just the painful area. Manual therapy can help to speed the healing process, getting you back to participating in activities you love even quicker!

How Long Does Manual Therapy Take?

All of our treatments are based upon your individual needs. As a general rule, the sooner that you decide to receive treatment, the fewer sessions you will need in order to feel your best! Based upon your needs, generally manual therapy sessions last 30-60 minutes.

How is Manual Therapy Different From Massage?

We do love massage therapy and often recommend it if it's appropriate for our patients (or schedule one ourselves)! However, as Doctors of Physical Therapy, we are continually evaluating and re-evaluating your condition and response to treatment. Our extensive education in anatomy, physiology, and movement allows us to provide manual therapy skills for injured or painful tissues and movement restrictions to produce very specific outcomes. We are also able to combine appropriate exercise prescriptions with manual therapy in order to provide long-lasting benefits. 

Not sure if the Manual Therapy is right for you? Schedule a free 10-15 minute phone consultation to give you a good idea of what may be causing your pain, what you can do about it, and how Elevate Performance can help!