Elevate Elite


Athlete Online Home Program

Elevate Elite is our 100% individualized athletic enhancement program. This online home program is designed specifically for athletes who are serious about taking their game to the next level. Our team of Doctors of Physical Therapy and Strength and Conditioning Specialists will develop a program specific to your age, sport, and athletic goals. Training emphasis placed on sport specific injury prevention, strength, speed, agility, and jump training. Return To Sport programming following injury also available. Athletes will also receive information on general nutrition and post-training recovery. Prior to developing your program we will complete an initial consult via phone/videochat. Consults include:

·       Current Training Volume/Intensity

·       Assessment of Prior Training History

·       Injury History

·       Accessibility to Equipment

·       Goals Assessment

You will receive a one month program based on the findings from your initial consult. You will also have access to online video content and your coach for any questions. Renewal of Elevate Elite will include reassessment of goals, discussion of progress to date, and graded progression of previous month’s program.

Elevate Elite
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