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I’ve lost 40+ lbs. and feel 15 years younger!
— Jerry, Member
With a group it is more fun and it is easier to keep going than doing it at home.
— Judy, Member
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Total Body Bootcamp

Total Body Boot Camp
Monday/Wednesday 5:00-6:00pm

Improve muscular strength & endurance, aide in any current weight loss program, and add variety to your current exercise routine!

Total Body Boot Camp is an up-tempo circuit style that gives you total control over the intensity of each workout!  Total Body Boot Camp is open to men and women of all ages and activity levels. This camp is for anyone looking to take his or her health and wellness to the next level! This class involves a variety of flexibility, strength, and endurance exercises for all areas of your body!

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Youth Athlete Boot Camp
Tuesday/Thursday 5:45-6:45pm

Open to Boys & Girls grades 6-12, this Boot Camp will focus on Speed, Agility, and Jump Training to improve Sports Performance and keep the athletes healthy on and off the field. We emphasize appropriate movement patterns and exercise technique for injury prevention and to provide a solid foundation for future athletic development. Jumping & Landing Video Movement Analysis included! Training will consist of: Upper & Lower Body Plyometric Training, Low Load Resistance Training, Acceleration & Deceleration Training, Agility Ladder & Cone Drills, Core Stability, and Mobility Drills. Periodic performance testing will be performed to assess progress.

10% Multi-Athlete Discount. Call to register multiple athletes or for a monthly auto-withdrawal payment plan.

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Fit Over 50
Monday/Wednesday 11:00-11:45

Don’t let the picture intimidate you — this class is specifically designed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy to meet the needs of those age 50 and up! This class will combine stretching, balance, band work, aerobics, and weight training for total body health! This class is open to those already active and the novice — Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are experts at teaching technique and modifying each workout to fit your needs and will be there to help you every step of the way. You will wear a heart rate monitor for real-time results and guarantee you are in the right zone for your fitness level. If you have a medical condition, such as diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, or take medications, we work with you to make sure you stay safe while getting the workout you need.


Weight Training
Returning Fall 2019

Go back to basics with Olympic Lifts and foundational weight training. Head to Toe weight training for the novice to the seasoned weight lifter. Enjoy programming done for you the right way to see results! If you’re new to weight lifting, you’ll be introduced to all exercises with the guidance and instruction you need to keep you safe and progress you toward your goals! This class is open to all ages.


Fit Mom: Pre & Post-Natal Wellness
Returning Fall 2019

This class is ideal for expecting moms, new moms, and moms with stroller-aged children that want safe exercise, designed and taught by a Women’s Health Physical Therapist to keep you active, healthy, and pain or injury free as you embark on this incredible journey! You will learn exercise techniques with a program to help you through the changes of pregnancy, as well as get you back to feeling your best after your little one is born! Dr. Wickett will always modify the class to fit YOUR needs. Meet other moms experiencing changes alongside you for the support you need! Moms are always welcome to bring your little one to the class!


B.A.S.E Camp - Be Active with Safe Exercise
Returning Soon! Call to Pre-Register

Have you been fighting a chronic pain or wanting to get active and make a change in your health? Everyone has been to the exercise class that left you in the dust and feeling sore for days after. NOT ANYMORE!

This class teaches the foundation of movement with an introduction to circuit-style training and the proper progression of exercises to keep you feeling your best. Learn stretches & relaxation techniques to use at home or work, build strength in a comfortable environment using resistance bands, light weights, and body weight exercises, and feel confident performing the movements that will keep you strong and eliminate aches & pains! 


Class schedule may be changed at the discretion of the instructors and are enrollment dependent.  
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Everyone encourages each other. It’s a very comfortable setting and Dr. Wickett is able to personally help each of us, at whatever level we are at!
— Brenda, Member